Tim in Year 1 really enjoyed this maths task where he learned about measuring length and weight using his favourite cuddle toys!


Isabella in Year 2 made a bug hotel. Let us know which bugs come to stay!


Year 5 had a shared reading lesson on Zoom. It’s great to see the children supporting each other with their reading!


Well done to Luca for earning a gold certificate in Mathletics today!👏👏👏


Fantastic maths learning from Beth. Keep it up!


A fantastic piece of artwork!


Aaron in Year 3 had a very exciting day! This morning answered his question live on YouTube. The question was ‘Can birds communicate or be understood by other species other than their own?’


Suyash has accepted Ms Schofield’s challenge and what an incredible job he has done! Well done Suyash! 👍


Asha in Year 2 has been very creative at home! We love all your art work!


Aaron in Year 3 has been very busy at home and has worked incredibly hard on his home learning. Keep it up Aaron!


Amelia in Year 5 tried pastel drawing this afternoon. Looks fantastic!


That’s fantastic! Keep us updated with how it goes!


This week’s challenge comes from Ms Schofield. Remember to send in some pics of your creations!


Hedgehog class had a ‘carpet time’ Show and Tell via Zoom today. Lots of happy, smiling faces!


Retweetd From Thank A Teacher UK

We are excited to announce we will be celebrating National Thank a Teacher Day on May 20th – share a video of thanks, sing a song, draw a picture TODAY and you might be featured on the day


Wow - Harley! Fantastic home learning!


Fantastic maths work from Beth in Year 1! Well done!


HPAS staff and children and children at the Hub had a pyjama day today.


Ellie in Year 4 has written this brilliant story!


Mekai in Year 4 wrote this thoughtful poem as part of his PSHE learning. It’s fantastic- well done! I can’t wait for the day we can all play together either!

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

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Enrichment Clubs - Spring 2020

We are pleased to be able to offer our children the opportunity to develop a range of skills in our before school, lunchtime and after school clubs. 

  • Jewellery and Art and Crafts  Club - At this club children will combine painting, crafts,drawing and design and create items of jewellery.
  • Astronomy - An opportunity to get to know the wide, unknown expanse of space.
  • Multi sports - Introduces the skills, techniques and rules and regulations of a variety of sports and activities.
  • Musical Theatre - Children are taught singing, dancing and acting skills in a fun, creative and supportive environment.  A different musical is chosen each term and a mini presentation is held at the end of the term.
  • Creative writing - Children are shown how to create characters, plot stories and describe settings.  They share ideas and stories and are encouraged to dig into their own imaginations and produce stories which they can keep forever.
  • Cookery - Children will be taught cooking skills, confidence and technique and talk of seasonality, health, nutrition, food miles and culture.
  • Cross country club - A fun filled club helping children to develop their stamina.  The children will be accompanied to Queensmead Recreation Ground and will run circuits of the park. 
  • Taekwando - The traditional Korean martial art will be taught.  It is shown to improve confidence, coordination, self defence, discipline, fitness and self control.
  • Chess club - Children will be coached to develop understanding of the game and show fast improvement in their chess skills.  All sessions include coaching, puzzle solving and friendly but competititve play.  They are taught by an experienced chess player.
  • Funkeys Piano and Music (formerly Funkeys)  - Piano and music classes helping children to read and write music, developing piano hands and music memory and learning the music alphabet and music theory.
  • Recorder - Learn to play the recorder and play tunes!
  • Yogabugs - Introduction to yoga improving balance, flexibility and coordination.
  • Football - Children will be taught the basic skills to play a game of football, positions, markings and team work.
  • Tech Club - Learning the ins and outs of computers and how to get the best use of technology with techno-crazed teachers.