Excellent climbing skills as well as superb encouragement, support and teamwork on display at indoor climbing this afternoon!


We're delighted the sun is shining again just in time for morning activities!


The second full day of activities has begun for Year Six! They slept well through some stormy weather and are revived and ready for paddle boarding and indoor climbing!


Group C enjoyed bushcraft this afternoon. They built dens, learned how to start campfires and, most importantly, made smores! Now time for dinner and an evening quiz!


Fantastic teamwork on display in this morning's raft building session and we enjoyed our dip in the sea! Off to coasteering after lunch!


Year Six are ready to explore after a good night's sleep! Raft building and coasteering for Group A and B, while group C take on bushcraft, orienteering and archery!


Ready for bed after a fantastic first day of our Year Six camp!


Time for some football after dinner!


After a long journey, year six have arrived in Devon for their residential trip! Their behaviour and enthusiasm throughout the journey was fantastic and they are now touring the site before their first activity!


This morning, some members of Pupil Parliament planted a special tree to commemorate Queen Elizabeth's platinum jubilee. We will all be able to watch it grow over the coming months and years!


Thank you to our Young Voices choir for performing at at our Jubilee Celebrations!


Our pupils enjoyed a summer picnic last week to celebrate the Jubilee! Thank you to PATHS for organising such a delicious cream tea!


This afternoon, a group of pupil parliament representatives attended an Earth summit meeting at We created a school mission statement to address the climate crisis, as well as making seed bombs and collages using recycled materials!


Rehearsal done! Just the countdown to start! We can’t wait!! Parents, can you see us?


We have arrived at the O2!


Well Done to those pupils in Year 3 and 4 who participated in the Crystal Palace Cross Country Competition yesterday! You performed brilliantly. We were so proud to have you representing our school!


Our Reception pupils had a wonderful time at Battersea Park Zoo on Friday. It was a little rainy, but the animals more than made up for it! Thank you to all the parent volunteers who made the day possible!


Our Year 4 Pupils had a fantastic time at the Horniman Museum on Wednesday! Thank you for having us


Year two enjoyed applying their knowledge of microhabitats to create minibeast hotels this afternoon. They thought carefully about how to ensure their hotels provided food, water and shelter.


Thank you to our PTA, PATHS, for our new goals! Here they are in action!

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Central Office















Our Aims and Ethos

We aim to foster an environment where your pupils can Aspire, Believe and Flourish. 

We do so by delivering a rich and academic curriculum that enables pupils to read, write, talk and ask questions across a broad range of subjects.  

As they experience achievement and success, our pupils cultivate a love of learning and a thirst for knowledge. They work hard to continue to achieve success and satisfy their curiosity.  

The four principles underpinning this approach are described below.  

Curriculum at the centre 

Children come to school to be taught and learn. Therefore, we ensure that we have a clear rationale for: 

  • What we teach  
  • Why we teach it  
  • When we teach it 

This is subject to rigorous evaluation by our subject leaders, and the Federation experts. 

13 subjects make up our curriculum. Each subject is valued as a powerful discipline that can help shape our pupils’ future.   

In all subjects, the content is meticulously sequenced to ensure that it builds sequentially and in-depth. The teaching of content is complemented by enriching experiences beyond the classroom. 

We are committed to ensuring that there is equality, diversity and inclusion of different lived experiences across the curriculum. We believe that all our pupils should be able to make sense of their own experiences, and those of people in their community and beyond.  

Exceptional Teaching 

We aim to deliver our curriculum to the highest standards, to ensure that all children achieve success.  

All our staff strive to constantly improve their practice. We talk about teaching. We observe teaching. And we read about teaching to keep up to date with the latest research.

This is supported by a rigorous, evidence-based CPD programme, based upon a shared understanding of the principles of exceptional practice. Our staff partake in weekly training sessions, and also receive weekly, individualised feedback on their practice through an instructional coaching model.  

Exemplary Learning Behaviours 

We insist on the highest standards of behaviour to create an environment where all pupils feel safe, happy and able to succeed. We adopt a simple and consistent behaviour policy that all pupils can understand and adhere to. At the heart of our behaviour policy, is the public celebration of positive choices, attitudes and achievements.  

We have a zero-tolerance towards bullying, or discrimination of any kind. The importance of respecting and valuing others is taught across our curriculum, particularly PSHE.  

Partnership with parents 

As soon as your child joins our school, we hope to build a strong partnership with you. We know that together, we can achieve so much more for your child. We will always listen, share and advise on the achievements, strengths and needs of your child. Every family has something to offer our community.