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🌜🎉👕 Y3 Pyjama Party at HPAS! 👕🎉🌛Tonight, our Year 3 students are having a blast at their pyjama party, staying up past their bedtime to enjoy baking, arts and crafts, and gaming! It is a night filled with fun, creativity, and camaraderie. Sleepy but happy faces all around…


⚽️🏆👟 Mixed KS2 Football Team Against HPAKH! 👟🏆⚽️Our Mixed KS2 Football Team at HPAS played their hearts out against a tough HPAKH squad, showcasing their best performance ever! Their skill, teamwork, and determination were truly inspiring. Proud of both teams for rising to…


📖 📚 👩‍🏫 Tea and Topics at Shortlands Library 👩‍🏫 📚 📖 Our Year 5 children were delighted to be invited to Shortlands Library to share their learning with members of our local community attending today's 'Tea and Topics' session. From The Vikings to Macbeth and The Anglo-Saxons…


🌞📚😊 Welcome Back for Summer 1 at HPAS! 😊📚🌞It was a joy to see so many lovely smiling faces as we kicked off Summer 1 today at HPAS! We're excited for the adventures and learning that await us this half term. Here's to a fantastic start and many more smiles ahead!…


🐣👒🌷 Easter Bonnet Parade 2024 at HPAS 🌷👒🐣A huge thank you to the children and parents for their incredible effort in this year's Easter Bonnet Parade! The creativity and craftsmanship on display were truly spectacular. It's these shared moments that make our community so…


🎶👑 🪈Royal Opera House 🪈👑 🎶Today Y5 participated in the digital culmination of their Royal Opera House Create and Sing project, performing the songs they have learnt this half term. They were mesmerized by the performances of "The Magic Flute" at the Royal Opera House!…


📖🌟 Y3 Storytime with poet Jane Ulysees Grell 🌟📖 We were thrilled to host poet and story teller Jane Ulysees Grell today as part of the Spine Festival. 📖📚What an enchanting afternoon of poetry and stories!#SpineFestival


🖼️🚌🎒 Year 4's Inspirational Visit to the National Portrait Gallery 🎒🚌🖼️Year 4 enjoyed an enriching day out at the National Portrait Gallery! Delving into the realm of portraiture, they uncovered stories behind the faces of historical figures and contemporary icons alike. An…


🔥🏕️ Final Day at Bowles 🏕️🔥Year 5 are having a blast at bushcraft, the final activity of the residential! They're building fires and toasting marshmallows.🌲🔥🍡 🏞️#AspireBelieveFlourish


🔥🏕️ Day 3 Bowles Bushcraft 🏕️🔥Year 5 are having a blast at bushcraft, the final activity of the residential! They're building fires and toasting marshmallows.🌲🔥🍡 🏞️#AspireBelieveFlourish


⛰️ 🌳 🌞 Bowles Update 🌞 🌳 ⛰️ Year 5 have arrived and unpacked! Their beds are made and lunch has been eaten. Now, the activities begin!


🎨📹💬 Introducing Our Curriculum Mini-Series! 💬📹🎨For our first video in our mini-series, dive into the vibrant world of art at HPAS! Featuring a stunning display of artwork from across the school, accompanied by our pupils sharing their passion for art. Discover why art at…


🚗📊🖋 Speed Survey Tally Chart: Bromley JTAs in Action! 🖋📊🚗Our children have been hard at work conducting a speed survey, using speed guns and tally charts to monitor the speeds of passing cars. Their dedication to promoting road safety and gathering valuable data is…


📚🤝🎓 Secondary Partnership 📚🤝🎓 Our Year 4 pupils love practising their times tables facts with volunteers from every Monday. The positive impact of peer mentoring and support is huge!


Start and finish


Before and after! 37! Wow!


Start and finish! Amazing!


🏃‍♂️🌳🏅 Year 3 and 4 Bromley Cross Country! 🏅🌳🏃‍♀️Our Year 3 and 4 athletes are competing today at the Bromley Cross Country event! Stay tuned to find out how each of the groups get on!


🥼🧪🔬 Science 🥼🧪🔬Exciting experiments, discoveries, and learning galore! Our school is buzzing with scientific exploration for . From mouldy experiments to flourishing plants and shadow explorations, our school is alive with scientific wonders!…


👗📚🎩 Rate the Teacher Outfits for World Book Day at HPAS! 🎩📚👗World Book Day at HPAS wasn't just about the books; our teachers' outfits were a sight to behold! From Dennis the Menace to Hungry Caterpillars, they brought characters to life. Who captured the spirit of their…

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