Yesterday our Year 1 pupils went for a walk in our local area. They learnt about some of the history and landmarks of Shortlands. They were also listening out for natural and manmade sounds!


This week’s ‘Over and Above’ champions. We are so proud of them!


Today our Year 1 pupils dressed up as superheroes for the launch of their new class reader Supertato!


It was wonderful to have our pupils back in the hall for assembly all together! Today we spoke about endangered species which is the inspiration for our class names. Our pupils are going to educate our community on how we can help to protect endangered species. Watch this space!


Welcome back to all our pupils at the start of a new academic year. We were so thrilled to see you! We have no doubt that it will be an excellent year, packed with experiences, learning and celebrations (and no bubbles)!


Day 3 of Summer School done! We’re very proud of our year 5’s commitment to learning!


Our Year 5 Summer School started today! Well done to our year 5 pupils who are preparing to hit the ground running in September by consolidating their Maths, SPAG and English knowledge. It was so wonderful to see so many of you today!


Say "Thank You" card to an amazing teacher today


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A fantastic day learning new skills and taking part in a mini football tournament. We didn’t win but had a great day none the less!


Team HPAS ready for a day of football skills!


We are pleased to inform you that the PCR result has confirmed that the previous result was a false positive. All pupils in Rowling and Hargreaves can now stop isolating. Have a lovely Easter.


We will update you on Twitter and on the website as soon as we hear anything. We ask that parents check these sites regularly and circulate it on your WhatsApp groups. Kind Regards, Team HPAS


Dear Families, Unfortunately, we still have not received the results of the PCR test to confirm the LFD positive result that was reported on Tuesday. Therefore, children in Rowling and Hargreaves should continue to self-isolate.


Here is just small selection of some of the activities that the children at HPAS took part in on our no screen day last Wednesday.


Our very own Sid in Year 2 has received a certificate from Millwall FC for the artwork he submitted to the Millwall Supporters’ Club. Fantastic effort Sid!


Reuben in Reception made a printed t-shirt with dragons for last week’s ‘Express Yourself’ wellbeing challenge. It’s brilliant Reuben!


A wonderful piece of artwork by Harshitha in Year 3 entitled ‘Express Yourself’. It’s so bright and colourful- Well done Hashitha!


Here is Bethel sharing her ideas on what she is doing to build her self confidence. She believes in herself! Bethel hopes her ideas will help others. It’s fantastic Bethel!


Click on the link below to watch our principal explaining our curriculum intent via

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Central Office















Our Staff

At Harris Primary Academy Shortlands there are teachers, teaching assistants and support staff.

All of our staff are primary specialists and we work together to promote the core values of the Academy and make sure that our children are consistently happy and safe.

Our teaching and support staff are as follows:


Name Position  
Ms Hannah Tryl Principal (SLT)  
Mrs Samantha Howell Vice Principal (SLT)  
Mrs Nathalie Snelgrove SENDCO (SLT)  
Miss Ellie Curtis Reception Class Teacher  
Mrs Elkie Oliver Reception Class Teacher  
Mrs Lucinda Himeur Year 1 Teacher/EYFS lead  
Miss Lauren Blackstone Year 1 Teacher  
Mrs Hasim-Hayes Year 2 Teacher/Assistant Principal (SLT)  
Miss Mickalea Wizard Year 2 Teacher  
Miss Helene Lavenir Year 3 Teacher  
Ms Maxine Hooper Year 3 Support Teacher   
Miss Georgia Kirby Year 3 Teacher  
Mrs Mandi Gabler Year 4 Teacher  
Miss Sumaya Kironde Year 4 Teacher  
Miss Tiana Rowe Year 5 Teacher  
Miss Zenani Johnson Year 5 Teacher  
Mr Christopher Law Year 6 Teacher  
Miss Charley Coles Year 6 Teacher  
Mrs Amanda Mahmut Cross-year group teacher  
Ms Rochelle Evans Cross-year group teacher  
Miss Georgia Compass-Whyte Trainee Teacher  
Miss Eve Abbott HLTA  
Mrs Lisa Foan HLTA  
Miss Jade St. Louis Teaching Assistant  
Mrs Kiara Chalk Teaching Assistant   
Miss Peggy Reapy Teaching Assistant  
Mrs Preeti Patel Teaching Assistant   
Mrs Tracey Perks Teaching Assistant   
Ms Helen Schofield Teaching Assistant   
Miss Kerry Hattrill Teaching Assistant  
Miss Amy Fanning Teaching Assistant   
Miss Sebrin Osman Teaching Assistant  
Mr Samuel Billington Teaching Assistant   
Miss Sue Hill Office Manager  
Mr Samuel Raphael Administration Assistant  
Mr Ian Kaye Premises Manager  
Mrs Joanna Talakshi Lead Midday Supervisor  
Mrs Jessica Francis Midday Supervisor  
Mrs Kerry Cheeseman Midday Supervisor  
Mrs Sherley D'Cruz Midday Supervisor  
Miss Frances Cloud Midday Supervisor