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Sports Day afternoon activities.


Sports Day afternoon activities


SPORTS DAY afternoon activities


Reminder: Please remember to sign and return your Sports Day reply slip. Thank you.


We’re proud to announce that we’ve achieved the bronze level School Games Mark award.


As requested by parents, we host Learning Reviews every month so families can see their children's learning


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Our is about to begin with a fantastic line up of presenters tonight to share their ideas and expertise.


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18-22 April 2016 Harris Academies 'The week in pictures'.


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In case you haven't seen Harris Academies 'week in pictures'


Exciting learning ready to go in our Reception classes this morning


Problem-solving in the sunshine this week


No Easter holidays for our amazing builders Look at our new Reception outside area taking shape!


Another amazing school trip this week: Year 1 at Chessington Zoo


Our own Miss Clarke and Ms Kelly taking part in the Harris governor conference.


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14-18 March: , Felixstowe port 100 days , reception &


A brilliant day seeing the dinosaurs . We are so proud of their outstanding behaviour!


Reception trip to the Natural History Museum! 49 super-excited children ready to see DINOSAURS!


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Valuable afternoon spent moderating with our lovely colleagues from


An exciting and innovative way of supporting children's learning and growth - glad you enjoyed!


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Only kidding! Today is WORLD BOOK DAY! The biggest, bookiest day of the year

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After School Clubs and activities

We are pleased to be able to offer our children the opportunity to develop a range of skills in our before school, lunchtime and after school clubs.

These clubs include:

  • Football - Learn the skills, techniques, rules and regulations.  Children will learn how to pass, shoot, dribble, attack, defend, rules of the game, spacial awareness, teamwork, goal keeping, tackling and tactics
  • Art and Crafts  Club - At this club children will combine painting, crafts, mask making, drawing and design.
  • Choir - children will be taught new songs and sing together as a group.
  • Coding - Children will be guided on a journey on how to code games, animations, apps and more.  They will be encouraged to develop their logical thinking and master the programming construction.
  • Multi sports - Introduces the skills, techniques and rules and regulations of a variety of sports and activities from basketball to hockey, tag rugby and many more.
  • Musical Theatre - Children are taught singing, dancing and acting skills in a fun, creative and supportive environment.  A different musical is chosen each term and a mini presentation is held at the end of the term.
  • Creative writing - Children are shown how to create characters, plot stories and describe settings.  They share ideas and stories and are encouraged to dig into their own imaginations and produce stories which they can keep forever.
  • Comic club - A fun filled time reading and exploring comic book characters.  Children will role play and create their own characters as well as exploring their favourites.
  • Cookery - Children will be taught cooking skills, confidence and technique and talk of seasonality, health, nutrition, food miles and culture.
  • Drama - Children are taught different techniques used in acting and will rehearse and perform a piece of work at the end of each term.
  • Fencing - A sport which relies on the use of tactics and strategy as well as speed and skill while facing your opponent.
  • Fitness club - A fun filled club helping children develop their strength and fitness in a range of individual and small group activities.
  • Lego - Each child learns a clear set of rules and Lego building skills.  The group agrees upon a project which is achievable for everyone invoved.
  • Taekwando - The traditional Korean martial art will be taught.  It is shown to improve confidence, coordination, self defence, discipline, fitness and self control.
  • Chess club - Children will be coached to develop understanding of the game and show fast improvement in their chess skills.  All sessions include coaching, puzzle solving and friendly but competititve play.  They are taught by an experienced chess player.
  • French and Spanish - Le Club Francais/El Club Espanol is a national organisation that teaches young children French and Spanish in a fun and friendly way to include singing songs, role play, drama and games.
  • Yogabugs - These classes begin to stretch the child's physical ability by introducing yoga inspired moves which improve balance, flexibility and coordination.
  • Piano and Music  - Piano and music classes helping children to read and write music, developing piano hands and music memory and learning the music alphabet and music theory.