As requested by parents, we host Learning Reviews every month so families can see their children's learning


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Our is about to begin with a fantastic line up of presenters tonight to share their ideas and expertise.


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18-22 April 2016 Harris Academies 'The week in pictures'.


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In case you haven't seen Harris Academies 'week in pictures'


Exciting learning ready to go in our Reception classes this morning


Problem-solving in the sunshine this week


No Easter holidays for our amazing builders Look at our new Reception outside area taking shape!


Another amazing school trip this week: Year 1 at Chessington Zoo


Our own Miss Clarke and Ms Kelly taking part in the Harris governor conference.


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14-18 March: , Felixstowe port 100 days , reception &


A brilliant day seeing the dinosaurs . We are so proud of their outstanding behaviour!


Reception trip to the Natural History Museum! 49 super-excited children ready to see DINOSAURS!


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Valuable afternoon spent moderating with our lovely colleagues from


An exciting and innovative way of supporting children's learning and growth - glad you enjoyed!


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Only kidding! Today is WORLD BOOK DAY! The biggest, bookiest day of the year


Only one more sleep until


The posters went up today! Looking forward to seeing everyone's costumes


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Helping transform the playground at - an enjoyable Saturday morning


What do the families like to do on a Saturday? Come into school and help transform our playground!


Friday afternoon = Art party!

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Letters Home

Name Date Category  
Advent Traveller 28th Nov 2017Whole School Download
Aspirations day 12th Mar 2018Reception Download
Black History Assembly 12th Oct 2017Whole School Download
Bonfire party 31st Oct 2017Reception Download
Bromly Youth Music Trust letter 04th Jan 2018Year 3 Download
Chickenpox 02nd Mar 2018Year 1 Download
Chocolate Museum visit 27th Feb 2018Year 2 Download
Crystal Palace Park cancellation letter 24th Jan 2018Year 1 Download
Crystal Palace Park trip 19th Feb 2018Reception Download
Crystal Palace Park trip 15th Jan 2018Year 1 Download
Crystal Palace Park trip 10th Jan 2018Year 2 Download
Freshwater Theatre 21st Nov 2017Year 3 Download
Freshwater Theatre 25th Sep 2017Year 2 Download
Guided Reading 08th Jan 2018Year 3 Download
Horniman Museum trip 28th Feb 2018Year 3 Download
Horniman Trip reminder 12th Mar 2018Year 3 Download
Kiddycook visit 25th Jan 2018Year 3 Download
KS1 Christmas Presentation 30th Nov 2017Whole School Download
KS2 Christmas Presentation 30th Nov 2017Year 3 Download
Local Area Walk letter 13th Dec 2017Year 2 Download
Maths Curriculum Meeting 09th Nov 2017Reception Download
Mobile Farm Experience 19th Feb 2018Reception Download
Parent School Lunch letter 14th Dec 2017Whole School Download
Reception Curriculum meeting 07th Sep 2017Reception Download
Reminder Penge trip 06th Oct 2017Year 3 Download
Ringworm 30th Nov 2017Year 2 Download
Royal Observatory cancellation letter 26th Feb 2018Year 1 Download
Royal Observatory trip 06th Feb 2018Year 1 Download
Scarlet fever 12th Mar 2018Whole School Download
St Mary's Church visit 10th Jan 2018Year 1 Download
Summer Enrichment Clubs 21st Mar 2018Whole School Download
Trip to Penge 25th Sep 2017Year 3 Download
Violin lessons 19th Jan 2018Year 3 Download
Year 1 Freshwater Theatre 21st Mar 2018Year 1 Download